Thomas Lemke

Licensed Sales Agent - PRD Inner City

About Thomas

A lifelong Novocastrian with a love of his hometown, for Tom Lemke, real estate started as a calling he could not ignore and developed into a passion that would become his career.

Tom has experience across every aspect of the property market, from buyer to seller as well as putting his trade experience to good use as a renovator. He understands first-hand exactly what his clients are going through and importantly, how to reduce stress at every stage of the process because he’s been there. Offering a composed demeanour and belief that openness and honesty should be the cornerstone principle for any agent, Tom also brings a disciplined approach and an intense determination to achieve the ideal outcome for his clients. Nurturing client relationships and celebrating their success is his ultimate motivation.

With exemplary time-on-market statistics and recent sales that have broken area records, Tom has made the move to PRDnationwide because he believes this is the environment where he can grow and thrive. After nearly six years in the industry, Tom believes he has found the team that will truly encourage him to develop even further. When Tom isn’t focused on his clients, his young family gets his full attention. He’ll grab a surf when possible but finds all the fulfilment he needs from his family, clients and career.

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