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January 25, 2021

The New Real Estate Approach

As we all know, the real estate market will go through ups and downs, dependent on numerous factors such as interest rates, local job markets, economic conditions. Add in other situations such as a global pandemic and the approach utilised by your real estate agent needs to be solid.

The best agents and agencies in today’s market are those with a wholistic and effective approach. The sale, build, lease or purchase of your next property should be approached from a project stand point. With this project-based approach, everything is segmented to cover all aspects – budget, all stakeholders, finance, disaster management, risk management – with key time points factored in. Gone are days where real estate is simply a transaction – it’s a relationship.

The new real estate approach which achieves real results is that of a two-stage approach.

The first approach

By identifying buyers off market, the process can be low cost, limited fuss and much more efficient. Utilising an agencies database has the advantages of built-in confidence with the team (many are past clients or direct referrals), already gathered information, limitations to risk as many are pre-qualified.

Sending out an email or direct contacting those we know to be a good fit can greatly reduce the expense and time involved.

The second approach

Should the off-market approach not come to fruition, the next approach is a public campaign. Here’s where a savvy, experienced agent comes into play. You need an agent ready and willing to cover all the bases – a clear understanding of the local market, an ability to focus in on the right target market, a talent for managing expectations (on all sides) and an exceptional skill for communication.

All these attributes, combined with state-of-the art tech (portals and friendly auction system for example), will ensure that all aspects of managing your real estate ‘project’ are handled in a timely and effective manner.

Before engaging a real estate ask some questions that go beyond what their commission will be. Found out how they approach a sale, lease, build or purchase. Do they work alone or have a strong agency backing? What’s their experience and local knowledge like? Do they have an up-to-date, pre-qualified database? Are they prepared to put in the work to secure a great outcome, even before the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up in the front yard? Do they have a plan which includes all aspects of the project and key time frames for achieving each of them?


Author Bio

Russell Dawson
Licensed Agent, PRD Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Highly professional and completely committed to his clients, Russell possesses an immensely likeable personality and thoroughly enjoys working closely with his vendors to achieve exceptional results. Russell’s demonstrated expertise in pricing, marketing and negotiating along with his highly personable nature has led to many successful sales and long-lasting client relationships.

With unlimited energy and passionate enthusiasm, Russell employs a proven strategy to find not just a buyer, but every possible buyer to compete for the properties he is representing. Throughout the process, Russell works hard to create a memorable customer experience based on trust and respect for his clients.

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