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September 5, 2018 |

Swimming Pools

The State Governments Pool Laws apply to all Rental properties with a pool or spa, including a portable pool owned by the Tenant.

As a Tenant of a Property with a regulated pool, it is important that our Agency make you aware of these laws so you may take any necessary action required to ensure the Property complies with the Legislation. We draw your attention to the following important requirements related to the Pool Laws:

  • If a person renting a Property installs a portable pool they are considered to be the pool Owner and must ensure the pool and pool barriers comply with the relevant Legislation. Above ground pools and inflatable pools that hold 300 millimetres of water or more are affected. Any pool and fencing installation must first be requested in writing for the Landlord to consider. For more information on inflatable swimming pools please click here.
  • Tenants are responsible for ensuring that any existing pool gate to a pool is not kept open and that all climbable objects are kept well away from the pool fence. This includes items such as chairs, tables, plant pots or garden ornaments, BBQs, toys or any other object that a child could use to climb over the fence or use to reach the gate latch. Please notify our Agency if you notice that a pool gate owned by the Landlord does not self-close or self-latch or the fencing barrier requires repair so we can promptly address the issue.

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