Robert Gamble

Senior Sales Associate

About Robert

Robert Gamble brings experience in varying roles of the property industry to his role as a Project Salesperson with Newcastle New Projects. This includes but not limited to, general real estate, project marketing (small, medium and large developments). A large component of my career he has worked with arguably one of Australia’s largest property developers in Sydney, overseeing all aspects of the sales process from outset to completion. He has also owned his own real estate business in Sydney’s CBD and most recently he’s was a liaison for developers, facilitating alternative sales strategy in Melbourne.

Robert is a fully licensed real estate agent with licences held in Victoria, NSW and Qld. He is a results orientated business professional, with over 25 years’ experience and a proven ability as a retail and B2B operator. Robert has successfully sourced and acquired multiple projects and created an effective business relationship with midsize and large stakeholders. Along with these tasks, he has also developed a substantial base of over 500 individual distributor networks.

For personal reasons Robert relocated to Newcastle and immediately sourced to be involved with the regions number one project marketing company.

With a background in community theatre, Robert has immediately joined the Newcastle Theatre Company. He also enjoys golf and has become part of the Hunter Business Golf Group.

Robert’s goal is to be happy and successful at whatever he applies himself to.

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