2/16 Telford Street, Newcastle East, NSW 2300

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PRD Presence is unique in that all agents work in all areas

Here's some of the team members that are frequent to this office.

Mark Kentwell

Co-Founder | Director | Licensed Agent

Russell Dawson

Partner, Sales and Performance Manager- Licensed Agent

Olivia Smith

Head of Client Care

Jade Middleton

Financial Controller

Chasse Ede

Sales Team – Licensed agent

Matt Thompson

Sales Team – Licensed Agent

Natalie Tonks

Sales Team – Licensed Agent

Jeremy Allwood

Sales Team-Licensed Agent

Dale Slater

Sales Team-Licensed Agent

Mathew Harris

Sales Team – Licensed Agent

Craig Rosevear

Licensed Agent

Belinda Rosevear

Licensed Agent

Brooke Taylor

Team Tonks Operations Manager

Daniel Heath

Sales Team - Licensed Agent

Nathan Hunter

Sales Team

Luke Morrison

Administration Assistant

Mikkel Hansen

Sales Team

Layla Milligan

EA to Chasse Ede and Mark Kentwell

Noi Srimo

Sales Team

Gabrielle Coleman

Sales Team

Walter HUNTER Scott

Property Management Team

Julie (Jules) Byrnes

Property Management Team-Licensed Agent

Cristy Ditchburn

Investment Specialist

Nathan Finney

Senior Investment Specialist -Licensed Agent

Morgan Bailey

Property Management Team- Licenced Agent - Trust Account Administrator

Loren Harris

Property Management Team-Repairs and Maintenance Coordinator

Amy O’Shaughnessy

Property Management Team-Licensed Agent

Shae Wilson

Property Management Team-Leasing Specialist

Mahasin Arweeg

Property Management Team

Kayla Bennett

Property Management Team

Georgia Martin

Assistant Leasing Specialist

Kate Finney

Chartered Accountant, Licensed Agent

Kim Edmunds

Trust Administrator- Sales

Kylie Fox


Jillian Bowe

Client Care Manager

Jorja Pauling

Trainee Property Sales Support

Renae Redmond

Trainee Property Sales Associate

Danielle Byatt

Administration Support Officer

Joel Borserio

Marketing Assistant