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November 30, 2021

Real Estate Agency expands with new office on the Central Coast

A new real estate agency has opened on the Central Coast, with PRD Presence expanding and setting up a satellite office in Long Jetty.

Samantha Hardy and Troy Brooker are the lead agents at PRD Coastal which has opened its doors this week. The office will cover the entire Central Coast, which is a market Managing Director Mark Kentwell has been watching for more than a decade.

“We’ve had opportunities to set up here for some time, but the perfect time is now. The Central Coast is having a huge surge in popularity, not only is it close to Sydney with upgrades to the freeway and easy access to public transport, it’s assisted by major employment drivers such as Gosford Hospital and Government offices.” said Mr Kentwell.

“Rental income is going up, the demographics are shifting, and because it’s starting from a traditionally low base, it’s a more affordable option for people and has more property growth drivers compared to other areas on the Mid and North Coasts. We’ve just been waiting for the right combination of people, market conditions and consumer demand and now we’ve got it.”

The Long Jetty Office has been strategically placed geographically in the heart of the Central Coast, where agents can service the whole coastline as well as the Hinterland.

“We’ve already got a large list of Central Coast buyers and sellers on our database and now that Samantha and Troy are established in our brand, we know more people will be attracted to them. There’s been particular success in the coastal acreage and lifestyle market with Samantha achieving almost 40 sales recently,” said Mr Kentwell.

“COVID has really pushed people out of Sydney and that’s where our main market has come from, we’ve just found a lot of people are moving to the Central Coast. They can still travel an hour to work from Sydney,” said Ms Hardy.

“The culture of the team is amazing, everyone is upbeat and positive, and I’m excited to have access to marketing tools that no other local agency is using to present to clients,” said Ms Hardy.

The office is expected to grow, with agents maximising chances of achieving substantially superior career outcomes thanks to processes already established by the founders of PRD Presence – which incorporates PRD Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and now Central Coast.

These processes are combined with Real Business Engine – a system set up for high performance agents who want to be in the top 1%. This system includes partnerships and buying power with access to marketing, over 40,000 people on the database with qualified national and international buyers for Central Coast properties, and the Friendly Auction System assisted by Cooley Auctions.

“Our training program has already produced national leading agents and other offices being run off our Real Business Engine Hub. The agents in those offices have gone to top 1% status in their first year of business,” said Mr Kentwell, three-time Australian Principal of the Year Winner.

“We expect other agents will want to come on board but it’s not for an agent who wants to just cruise along. It’s a high- performance environment because we service clients with high expectations, and we deliver.”

PRD Coastal is located at 314-316 The Entrance Road, Long Jetty.

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