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April 4, 2019 |

Our Top 7 tips on how to prepare Your Home for sale

PRDnationwide Newcastle and Lake Macquarie real estate agents spend a lot of time with home sellers before their property actually hits the market.

They know the value of presentation and quality marketing in achieving the best possible price.

Better presentation allows quality photography and videos to better showcase your home to buyers.

Our agents are available at no charge to give you valuable pre-sales advice which could add thousands to your result

Before listing any home, you’d be wise to take a few simple steps to ensure your home is in the best shape possible.

A few small home staging touches can go a long way in making a fantastic first impression.

This is often the key for any new buyer considering your place as their own.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to get your started.

1. Spring clean

A spotless home will allow new buyers to focus on the potential life they could have in the space, rather than concentrating on the flecks of mould or the weeds in the garden.

Decluttering and cleaning both inside and out is possibly the most important thing any seller can do.

A neutral, light filled space which presents as a blank canvass allows buyers to imagine themselves and their furniture in the home.

You can do this yourself, but it sometimes helps to engage professionals if the home is large and has had the one owners for many years..

Steam clean the carpets, ask professional cleaners to make the kitchen and bathrooms shine. This can reduce some of the stress if you are working to a deadline.

2. A coat of fresh paint

While you may love your boldly painted kitchen or feature wall, sometimes sticking to neutral colours such as whites, tans and greys are the safest options when it comes to adding value and attracting interest.

A coat of paint can also help remove evidence of wear and tear. Lighter colours can also make smaller rooms look larger.

3. Open the windows

Nothing makes a room feel more spacious than lots of natural light. Consider removing heavy curtains or adding a skylight.

Small or narrow spaces can be enhanced with natural or added lighting making them look bigger and more inviting.

Sometimes adding a lamp or installing new lights into dim areas can make all the difference.

Opening windows before an inspection can also allow fresh air to permeate the home, removing any smells or odours.

4. Replace old fixtures and fittings

If you are handy you may consider replacing some of those dated fixtures like door knobs, tapware, lampshades and handles.

This can be done at relative low cost but can make a big impression in helping to modernise the look and fell.

While it is not always viable to do full renovations before you open the home for inspection, changing up the small things, such as the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms, can make an old space feel new again.

5. Rearrange and repurpose

You know your home best, but sometimes a fresh perspective can help you see a whole new purpose for the rooms in your home.

Rethinking the purpose of a room can help buyers visualise how different spaces could be used.

It could be as simple as styling smaller bedrooms as a home office, or rearranging the furniture in the main living areas.

Give buyers new ideas on how they can realise the potential of different spaces for themselves.

Try and discipline yourself to having only one item per surface on display.

6. Street appeal

First impressions are everything, and it doesn’t matter how beautiful your home looks on the inside if the outside has little appeal.

Take the time to mow the lawns, plant some flowers or even paint the fence or facade where needed.

Fixing the rotting eaves can make all the difference and remove any possible objections from potential buyers.

7. Warm it up

While we suggest creating a blank canvas for potential buyers, you don’t want your place to feel cold and sterile as a result.

A smattering of lush finishing touches will help breathe some life into the space.

Investing in soft furnishings for the home in the form of cushions and throws in the living room and bedrooms can add warmth to the space. Try mixing cool and warm colours with your accessories. Make sure you love them because you will probably be taking them to your next abode!

Indoor plants ( real not fakes) can add a sense of comfort and are also an extremely cost-effective way to add style and change the dynamic of a room. Living, breathing spaces present as healthy, welcoming places to live.

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